Some things just click. I was in middle school when photography began its presence in my life. On a family road trip in the desert Southwest I learned about a camera's shutter and aperture and the artistic aspect of composition. It was on that adventure when capturing images hit a chord in me and cameras have been in my hands ever since. 

After I graduated with my photography degree, friends started getting married and hired me over other more established wedding photographers. At the time, I was amazed by how much I enjoyed photographing weddings. That original excitement has never subsided and I now know why wedding photography and I clicked like we did--work became play. 

My wife and I clicked too. We met on a climbing trip at the City of Rocks in Southern Idaho. We fell for each other in a matter of days, were married two years later, and have been enjoying our lives together for seven years--only now it's a bigger life with our two young kids in tow. My family and I enjoy traveling, the excitement of cities, and the quiet of the backcountry. We live in the Wood River Valley of Idaho where we devour books, consider ourselves athletes, and treat friends as part of the family. 

Pick up the phone and give me a ring, I'd like to think that we'll click too.