The following testimonials are from unsolicited 

thank you cards and emails: 

Wow, Craig. I don't know what to say. Chris and I are so impressed by your work! We can't wait to see the rest! The pleasure was all ours- you were delightful to work with! Chris and I are fairly photo-phobic and prefer to be behind the lens ourselves, but you were so mellow and relaxed about the photography that it really helped keep us comfortable and stress-free. We also loved sneaking away with you to the bridge, it was one of our favorite parts of the whole evening! 

Thanks Craig!!! 


OMG Craig!! We love, love, love the picture, SO freaking 

amazing......you are truly incredible Craig!! We are still on our honeymoon (in portugal) but couldn't help ourselves and just had to check them out!! we will email you when we 

get back! 


The Lohs :) 

Dear Craig, 

Thank you so much for such an incredible week! We so loved and appreciated your work. From jumping on the roof at 707, to going underwater with us, to standing under a battered umbrella in the rain to get the perfect shot, we couldn't have been more thrilled with your work and the way you approached it. You have such a sweet laid back way that made us feel instantly at ease. Thank you for spending the week with us, for staying up late, for never stopping, for capturing all the touching romantic and funny moments... 

Love, Clara & Gabriel 

Hey Craig, 

Connie and I (along with all of our friends and family) are completely blown away by the quality of the photographs you took at our wedding – simply amazing!!! Along with being a joy to work with, you have an incredible eye. Some of the shots you took seem impossible in their perfection. You also approached the event in the exact way we hoped you would – with a sense of humor and delight in the unusual. There is nothing regular about the shots you took – each one seems to express the underlying truth of the moment. Thank you sooooo much for the wonderful job you did – we will treasure these photographs for the rest of our lives. 

All the very best, 

Tom & Connie 

Craig, Thank you so much for shooting our wedding! We all had a great time with you and the photos are beautiful! Everyone who has looked at them has commented on what a fabulous photographer you are! 

Thanks again! 

Kailie & Kevin 


We are so very grateful for how wonderfully you & your talent captured our big day. We couldn't have been happier with the results--this is all not to mention how easy you were to work with :) 

All our love and appreciation, 

Peter & Sarah 

Craig, we cant believe how fast you got the pictures done. I probably spent two or three hours looking at them. They are amazing and we love them. You really captured Jeremy's personality and I think the pictures were pulling on jeremy's heart a little. It is so fun to relive the wedding through the pictures. Thank you so much. 

Erika & Jeremy 


What can we say......... 

We can't thank you enough for your excellent work last night. Everyone was so impressed in the way that you work and your ability to capture such great photos. We checked out [the preview images on] your blog today and are already blown away. The fish eye lens shot of the boys in the bus was amazing. The boys love it!!!! We are so excited to see more. 

Thanks for everything, and we will keep in touch. 

-Michael and Jessica Duffy 

Hi Craig, 

First of all I would like to thank you once again for doing such a tremendous job documenting our wedding. Every time I see the photos I am blown away by how lucky we are to have hired you. If you ever need to use us as a reference please feel free. In fact, more than anything I hope that I will be able to bring you work in the future. Many of our friends will be getting married and I will make sure that they consider using you. 

-Chris & Nicki Stein 

hey craig... 

this is CJ...the groomsman with the beard at monica and john's wedding, just got finished watching your slide show from the wedding for the 3rd time today. Brilliant work man! The Ben Harper was fitting, and your timing and eye were impeccable. Great shots man! If I ever get married in Idaho, I'll look you up. 


(I told CJ, when he gets married, anywhere, look me up!) 

Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on our wedding. We are so thankful to have stumbled upon you. Our recommendations are very high for you. All of our family and friends love the slide show. I just can't say enough great things about you work. We thank you for your work and eye for seeing the best in an event. You captured the energy and the feeling of our wedding so perfectly. Good luck with everything and thank you again, 

Kind regards, 

Beth Hughes 

WOW!!!! Is all I can say. You really captured the moment and feel of that day!! Thanks for everything, you are a total stud and a badass and all the other things guys who kick ass can be refered to as. 

Thanks again, 

John Hughes 

Everyone has complemented your work. Thanks so much for capturing our wedding in such a special and emotional way. We are very pleased with your work, and we will strongly recommend you. 

-Paulina and Quinn 

Ok, so I told myself I would just look at a few and then get back to work and look at them all with Blake tonight, but, an hour later I realized I was still looking at them! They are so great, Craig!! Thanks! I can’t wait to look at more of them with my honey later. So fun! 

--Angie and Blake 

Cory and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful photos. They all turned out so great we had a great deal of trouble deciding which ones to order. You did an amazing job of capturing the mood of our wedding day, as well as, all of the little details that might have been overlooked. I especially like the great detail shots of the flowers. You have a great eye and unique perspective that really complimented our wedding celebration. Not to mention, our guests seemed to enjoy your enthusiasm for getting the right shot! Everyone has been super excited about the photos online, and we were very impressed with the prints we received. I can't wait to put them into an album and show them off! Thank you again for all your hard work. 

--Anne-Marie and Cory 

We just got back from our honeymoon in St Lucia to a wonderful gift! The pictures from our wedding are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for your beautiful, beautiful work. We're looking forward to going through them in more detail and ordering prints from you. Again , thank you! 

--Chloe and Colton 

Wow...Ben and I looked at the photos the other night, and they are so great. Just perfect. It brought back all of the emotions of the day which is the richest part, for me, and made me remember, again, all the wonderful people that were there and how lucky we are. I also was able to see so many of the things that I missed or didn't pay any attention to that day--you caught so much that we completely didn't see. And there are lots of great compositions, your photos helped to see even the rough moments from a different perspective that helps me to appreciate the craziness as well as the calm parts. Lots of fun. Thanks. 

--Lindsey and Ben